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The 4 Pillars



“I’ve been working with Cristian for a good minute now. He’s taught me a lot about how the body functions, and why certain body parts get angry from time to time. By now, I practice a lot of the holds, stretches, and movements he’s put me through, and every week he fine tuned the hold just a bit more. As an adaptive athlete, I use my shoulders, a lot. I also do my best not to get stiff. since working with him. This is the most pain free, and flexible I’ve been in years.  Thank you for making my everyday life as pain free as possible, and helping me be more agile on the ice.”

— Jose Ivan Perez • Sled-Hockey Athlete + Ex-Marine

“I met Cristian four years ago and was looking to FINALLY get myself back into shape after having 2 children. Cristian met with me to do an extensive assessment of where I was at that time and where I wanted to go with my health and fitness. I really only had one goal...”

— Veronica Chambers

“The mobility work that we do and have always done in every workout seems simple and almost as an aside. However, I always understood and  trusted that it was an important part of the process. I recall like it was yesterday the (very low) hurdle step overs that I had to fight to get my foot over. And the egg beaters that seems to ask my joints to move in ways that defied description. The first work we did together comprised basic mobility movements that my body had no interest or ability to perform. You started off very simple and added complexity as you saw improvements that I could not. ”

— Gordon Johnson