Corporate Health and Wellness

Corporate Health and Wellness

Receive five hours of hands-on services from The Durable Athlete at YOUR office!

The D.A. curriculum is one that is multifaceted and can be applied to everyone and anyone’s life to improve the way they feel and perform.

What's Included:

  • 120 minute lecture speaking to the lifestyle tips that can be done on a daily basis to optimize your health and performance inside and outside the gym
  • Tips to help you sleep better at night, utilize your food as energy instead of storing as fat, mitigating aches and chronic pain, improving mood and attention span 
  • 2.5 Hour movement and breath session that encompasses a full body mobility restoration session, bodyweight flow workout, decompression stretch, and relaxing breathing session that can be done every-night before sleep

If you are ready to maximize your performance in the workplace, please send us an email at:

We will get back in touch with you to schedule next steps.