Veronica Chambers

I met Cristian four years ago and was looking to FINALLY get myself back into shape after having 2 children. Cristian met with me to do an extensive assessment of where I was at that time and where I wanted to go with my health and fitness. I really only had one goal—I told Cristian that I wanted to be strong enough to ALWAYS be able to carry my two boys who were 10 and 12 at the time. (I know, what mom still wants to carry their children at that age....this girl!) Sadly, I had herniated a disc several years before while running a half marathon and damaged my shoulder about year before meeting Cristian at a Gold's Gym class. So to say that goal was important to me is an understatement. I was not as "functional" as I should have been for my age. Cristian worked with me for the first year just to prepare my body for the journey ahead. When the time was right, we began on what I believe to be my best fitness journey. Cristian is a true expert at his craft! I truly enjoy Cristian's expertise in how the body functions. Cristian has not only trained me physically, but mentally as well. With his advice on nutrition along with amazing workout sessions, I am in the best shape, mentally and physically, I have ever been in my entire life! There isn't another trainer for me and I am beyond blessed to have Cristian training me on becoming a healthier, happier version of myself daily. My boys are now 14 and 16 and yes, I can still carry them. The youngest weighs 140lbs and my oldest weighs 180lbs!