Gordon Johnson

Gordon Johnson


When we started working together earlier this year, my ability to perform even daily life movements was severely limited. Not to mention the work in the gym. A new knee was certainly a part of it. But years of desk work, coupled with bad knees and other issues had combined to restrict my ability to move with any certainty and without pain. 

I enjoy outdoor living in my free time. Hunting, fishing, hiking, ranch work and associated activities have always been where I spend my time away from the office. Over the years, I had lost my ability to really enjoy any of these activities unless they were heavily laced with significant amounts of rest while engaging in them, combined with some form of pain relief. 

The mobility work that we do and have always done in every workout seems simple and almost as an aside. However, I always understood and  trusted that it was an important part of the process. I recall like it was yesterday the (very low) hurdle step overs that I had to fight to get my foot over. And the egg beaters that seems to ask my joints to move in ways that defied description. The first work we did together comprised basic mobility movements that my body had no interest or ability to perform. You started off very simple and added complexity as you saw improvements that I could not. 

Although I couldn’t see the strides I was making as you could, I did feel different. I was able to move for longer periods of time without resting. I was able to do things outdoors with a confidence that I wasn’t going to hurt myself or get stuck. These changes came almost subconsciously, as my body was repairing  itself through the mobility and movements you were putting me through. 

Those repairs are continuing now and seem, to me, to be coming more rapidly. And I am becoming more conscious of the improvements, in a way that I wasn’t early on. Recent physically demanding trips that I wouldn’t have dared 6 months ago came off without a hitch. Outdoor work that used to require assistance or extensive planning not long ago I now do alone without much thought. Sleep that used to be interrupted by pain is now restful as recovery from the day’s increased activity levels. 

The  movements you devise are still very simple, yet challenging , and effective. The proof is in the things I can do that I couldn’t not so long g ago. And in the increasingly challenging work we do in the gym in addition to the mobility work. While I never doubted that the regime you planned out would work, I didn’t see this amount of improvement coming in this time frame. 

I appreciate the thoughtfulness  you have put into my recovery plan from day one that continues to this day. Each change in our training regimen  brings with it new challenges to my system and body. However, I find that I don’t greet these changes with the same apprehension as when we started, as I know that the mobility and movement work, more-so even than the weight work I believe, has prepared me for such challenges and I can adapt to the changes. I know this because I live with the beneficial results of your careful planning every day. 

Thank you.

Gordon Johnson